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the chicago arc

With over 30 manufacturers and 10 collaborators, conveying masses of information within a simple, easy to use website can easily become overwhelming.  By using a menu bar consisting of 4 pages, this allows each user to quickly navigate through the site.  Layered on the backend of the site is where the complexity lies with the 30+ manufactuers intertwined with 100 unique products in the 21 vignettes unique to the showroom.  Once inside the showroom a visitor can discover each of the 21 vignettes through a series of QR codes located throughout to engage with each of these manufacturers, products, and collaborators alike.  This approach then allows for visitors to take this personal,on-site experience back to the office to be used when the need for design becons.


The Chicago ARC


interior, lighting design, project management and creative

year completed


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