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beth emet; the free synagogue

Beth Emet Synagogue recently embarked on a multi-phase renovation of their historic building from 1963..  Improvements included modernization of worship, learning, and community spaces as well as infrastructure, seating, sound systems, technology, and bathrooms. Due to the intricate geometry of the sanctuary and adjacent community room, careful choices were made within the placement and luminaire selections to eliminate the current glare and dark spots within the original design.  New lighting coves were created to increase the amount of indirect light to the sanctuary allowing for better visibility at all times of worship.

In addition to the work completed into the sanctuary and community room, new lighting was added throughout the new main entryway and gathering space, along with the classrooms and basement gathering spaces.  All were a reflection on the increased indirect lighting requested within the sanctuary.  Rounding out the project was the new addition creating a safer and more secure entry from the parking lot eliminating the existing lighting glare and obstructions.  


Kliment Halsband


lighting design and procurement

year completed


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