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mannington showroom

Showroom renovations at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago are big business, leading up to the annual Neocon show every June. Transformations begin months in advance with planning for unveiling of new product years prior. The best of the best of the architecture & interior design world is unveiled at this show. In the first year working with Mannington, we came up with a flexible color-tunable track based lighting solution that not only aided in saving money year after year, but ensured that their design team knew their products would be seen using the best light so their patterns, textures and colors would all be true to life. In year three, their system is still adaptable, each year resetting it to their newest displays, products and layouts while always showcasing their products in the best possible way.

Due to the adaptability of the lighting system, Polymath Design has been onsite for every year prior to Neocon since 2017.




lighting design

year completed


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