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st. mark's chapel

The Coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost by Louis Grell, 1919 at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Geneva, IL

As part of the 150 year celebration of the Chapel and founding of the church, the mural was beautifully restored by Kuniej Berry Associates. In order to preserve the delicate mural and exemplify the colors used by Grell a color-tunable LED light source was selected. The previous lighting installation was a simple 8 foot track located on a long one of the main beams above. Utilizing the same beam, the track was extended, running down the angled sections in order to provide even illumination to all areas of the mural and eliminate glare for those providing services at the altar below.

Newly restored and illuminated, the mural can be seen from every angle within the Chapel, the vibrancy of the robes and the glitter in the Holy Spirit can be seen from afar.


St. Mark's Church


lighting design

year completed


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